Toronto Mediation Services for Trusts and Estate Disputes

Estate disputes can be lengthy and stressful for everyone involved. Estate mediation allows the parties an opportunity to settle their dispute with a neutral third party mediator. The goal of mediation is to reach a practical, mutually agreeable resolution, prior to undertaking more costly litigation.

Eisen Law offers skilled, thoughtful mediation services exclusively in trusts and estate matters. Our partner Shael Eisen has extensive experience successfully mediating estate disputes. Having spent many years in the courtroom as an estate litigator, Mr. Eisen can better identify the most relevant issues in your dispute and provide the legal expertise and guidance necessary to find positive solutions.

Why choose mediation to resolve your dispute

In Toronto, mediation is mandatory in many estate disputes, including:

Even where it is not mandatory, mediation is often the most effective means of resolving a matter, and offers an opportunity to maintain familial and personal relationships that can become strained during difficult estate disputes. Often, the end results of mediation can provide a better solution than a court order.

Looking early to mediation can often resolve contentious matters before they reach the litigation stage, saving a great deal of time and expense.

A mediator is not like a judge. They do not impose a settlement or decide your case. Rather, they work to find common ground and foster understanding among the parties.

A knowledgeable, experienced, independent mediator can provide valuable insight to participants about their positions, and facilitate constructive dialogue. Even if mediation does not succeed in fully settling all outstanding issues, parties can often resolve some aspects of their dispute. This helps eliminate extraneous or less important issues, and reduce the amount of time spent in court.

Experienced Toronto estate mediators for positive, timely results

At Eisen Law, we handle mediations for all manner of trust and estate disputes, no matter how complex. We can assist you in finding a mutually beneficial resolution, and help avoid lengthy, expensive litigation. For a free consultation to discuss your estate dispute, call us at 416-591-9997 or contact us online.

Estates & Trusts

Advocating for Both Estate Trustees and Beneficiaries in Estates


Providing the Management of Care for Those Who Can’t Care for Themselves

Powers of Attorney

Ensuring Proper Care and Governance for Your Loved Ones

Trust Disputes

Navigating you through all your options, legal rights and obligations

Probate & Estate Administration

Assisting with carrying out duties for executors


Mediation Can Dramatically Reduce Time, Cost, and Stress

Eisen Law provides the experience, expertise and compassion needed to navigate through a difficult journey.


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