Holly LeValliant Speaks at Ontario Bar Association Presentation on Essential Evidence for Estate Litigators


Our partner Holly LeValliant was featured as a speaker at the Ontario Bar Association’s Essential Evidence for Litigators event on April 5.  The event was an opportunity for lawyers working in estate law to hear experts in the field speak about a variety of different issues.

Holly’s presentation related to the admissibility of business records in estate litigation.  In particular, she spoke about the circumstances under which the Ontario Evidence Act makes an exception to the normal rules regarding hearsay evidence when considering business records. These exceptions are made in the case of contemporaneous medical records that, while subject to being attacked as unreliable by opposing litigants, can speak to pertinent facts for which no other evidence exists; for example, the notes of a chiropractor made during an appointment that occurred prior to a car accident that resulted in a personal injury claim, which shed light on the Plaintiff’s condition before the accident when no other available evidence could.

To learn more, see Holly’s paper attached here.

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