Defending Will Challenges

Knowledgeable Toronto Estate Lawyers providing Legal Advice for Executors Defending Will Challenges

If you are an executor of an estate the last thing you want to think about in the course of carrying out your duties and responsibilities is someone contesting or challenging the will. Will challenges can be a difficult and frustrating situation during a time that is already emotionally fraught and stressful.

At Eisen Law, our experienced and knowledgeable estate lawyers can assist with defending a will in court and can ensure all of a testator’s wishes have been carried out. We have significant courtroom experience and regularly appear at all levels of court, including Superior Court, Divisional Court, and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Are you an executor of a will that is being challenged?

Anyone with a financial interest in an estate can bring an application to court to contest or challenge a will. Dissatisfied or disgruntled beneficiaries or would-be beneficiaries can bring a claim on one of three commonly cited grounds:

  • Formal requirements not met;
  • Lack of testamentary or mental Capacity;
  • Undue influence.

Defending a will challenge can be a long, expensive, and drawn out process. If you are an executor of an estate that is being challenged or contested, it is crucial to obtain legal counsel early to ensure that your interests are safeguarded, that the interests of the estate are protected, and that potential legal risks to yourself and to the estate have been mitigated.

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