Substitute Decision Maker Disputes

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An individual granted power of attorney over someone’s affairs, often referred to as a substitute decision-maker, is responsible for managing the financial affairs of a person who is unable or incapable of doing so themselves. Unlike a guardian for property, who is appointed by a court, an attorney/substitute decision maker is appointed by the person whose affairs they are ultimately responsible for prior to that person losing their decision making capacity.

It is important to be careful when making power of attorney decisions. An improperly chosen substitute decision maker can have harmful legal and financial implications. For instance, a substitute decision maker may not have the necessary knowledge and skill to effectively make decisions, or a substitute decision maker may abuse his or her power. Indeed, this is an area of estate law that frequently leads to lengthy, emotional, and expensive litigation.

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Substitute Decision Makers in Ontario

Based on the Substitute Decisions Act, a person with power of attorney over property, also known as a substitute decision maker, has the authority to make financial decisions in the best interest of the individual who granted the power of attorney, or the “grantor”. This authority includes making decisions such as:

  • Managing the grantors investments and other financial decisions;
  • Managing the grantor’s household and other bills and ensuring expenses are paid on time;
  • Managing the grantor’s budget.

Power of attorney is generally granted while the grantor still has the capacity to make their own decisions.

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