Solicitor’s Negligence

Knowledgeable Toronto Estate Lawyers for Solicitor’s Negligence Claims

Sometimes a trusted professional advisor to whom you turn in times of your greatest need can fail you. If you have received negligent or erroneous legal advice from a lawyer which has caused you financial or other harm, you may have grounds for a claim against them.

As one of the few firms in Ontario that take on such matters, the lawyers at Eisen Law LLP have the specialized knowledge and experience to assist you in pursuing a solicitor’s negligence action. We have the expertise to assist you in identifying what went wrong, how you have been affected, and what you can do to move forward.

What is Solicitor’s Negligence?

All lawyers are subject to a standard of care which they owe to their clients, and have a duty to act in the best interest of their client. Generally, lawyers are expected to:

  • Be skillful and careful;
  • To protect the interests of the client;
  • To advise clients in all issues relevant to the matter at hand;
  • To carry out the client’s instructions;
  • To consult with the client when there is any doubt with respect to the instructions; and
  • To keep the client informed.

Similarly, lawyers can also make errors or mistakes, which can have negative repercussions. If a lawyer has acted beneath or beyond the standard of care expected of them, or made an error, and their behaviour has caused damage (financial or otherwise) to their client, that lawyer can be liable for negligence.

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