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Executors are individuals appointed in a will to carry out the directions in that documents. Trustees are individuals appointed to hold property in trust for the benefit of any beneficiaries of that trust. Generally, executors or trustees are friends, family, or loved ones of the testator (the individual making the will). In some circumstances, however, estate lawyers can be retained to function as trustees or executors. This generally happens when there is no other suitable individual to carry out these duties.

The estate lawyers at Eisen Law have the necessary experience and knowledge to function as estate trustees where necessary. We are a boutique estate litigation firm with many years of collective experience advising trustees and executors on how to comply with their duties and responsibilities, we have a deep understanding of the relevant legislative scheme, are able to identify and manage risk, and can objectively act in the best interests of the estate.

Contact the Toronto estate lawyers at Eisen Law if an Estate Trustee is Needed

At Eisen Law, our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers can help you ensure that your interests are taken care of. We offer free initial consultations  and will do our best to ensure you can easily access the legal advice that you need. Call us at 416-591-9997 or contact us online if you need assistance in this specific area of estate litigation.

Estates & Trusts

Advocating for Both Estate Trustees and Beneficiaries in Estates


Providing the Management of Care for Those Who Can’t Care for Themselves

Powers of Attorney

Ensuring Proper Care and Governance for Your Loved Ones

Trust Disputes

Navigating you through all your options, legal rights and obligations

Probate & Estate Administration

Assisting with carrying out duties for executors


Mediation Can Dramatically Reduce Time, Cost, and Stress

Eisen Law provides the experience, expertise and compassion needed to navigate through a difficult journey.


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