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Guardians for property or personal care are appointed where an individual is no longer capable of making decisions regarding their property (including real estate and finances) or personal care. Guardianship is intended to ensure that incapable persons are well-cared for and that their interests are protected. However, guardians do not always act appropriately or in the best interest of the incapable person. In that case, friends or family of the incapable individual, or another concerned party, can seek to have the guardian removed or replaced.

If you are seeking to have a guardian removed, the team of knowledgeable and compassionate estate litigation lawyers at Eisen Law in Toronto can provide you with the necessary guidance to help you understand your rights, navigate all of your options and ensure that your loved one’s interests are protected.

Removal of Guardians in Ontario

Ontario’s Substitute Decisions Act outlines the process of terminating a court-appointed guardian of property, which is a far more complicated process than terminating a statutory guardian. Production of an assessment indicating that a person is capable is generally sufficient to terminate a statutory guardian of property. However, this is not sufficient in the case of a court-appointed guardian of property. Rather, terminating a court-appointed guardian requires filing a motion with the court and making legal arguments to convince the court that the guardianship is no longer necessary. The motion materials must be served on all immediate family members of the incapable person, and the family members are able to attend the hearing to challenge the removal of guardianship if they wish.

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