Holly LeValliant Speaks about Uncontested Guardianships at Osgoode Hall


Holly LeValliant spoke at Osgoode Hall’s Powers of Attorney and Guardianship Program last week, an seminar in which estate law experts gave presentations as a continuing education opportunity for lawyers working in the field.

Holly’s presentation focused on uncontested guardianships.  In lay terms, this refers to the process by which an individual may apply to the court to become the legal decision-maker for a person incapable of caring for themselves.  In some cases, the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT), the governmental entity responsible for protecting the rights of incapable people, opposes such appointments; Holly’s speech concerned cases where the PGT does not contest the application.

While uncontested Guardianships are, of course, less contentious and costly than those opposed by the PGT, they still place many critical responsibilities on applicants. In particular, guardians must prepare and submit forms to the court detailing their specific plans for the personal care of the incapable person, as well as the management of the person’s money and assets.

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