Taxing Tax Issues for the Sole and Small Firm Lawyer

There are various Tax minefields that I continuously come across in the course of my practice as an Estate Litigation Lawyer, a lawyer who sues other lawyers for tax errors that cause losses and as an Estate Trustee/Guardian/ Attorney for Property. I am far from being a Tax expert and specifically advise my clients that … Continued

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The Case for Medical-Assisted Suicide in Canada: Who Decides? A.B. v. Canada (Attorney General)

The Supreme Court of Canada,  Carter v. Canada (Attorney General), found that sections 14 and 241(b) of the Criminal Code, which prohibited physician-assisted death violated section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The federal government was given 16 months to  enact legislation consistent with the Charter. In the interim, the Supreme Court ruled that … Continued

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When is a Will a Mutual Will?

Many couples, as part of their estate planning, contemplate executing mutual wills. For wills to be considered “mutual”, the provisions contained in the wills must be identical to each other, such that each party receives an identical interest from the other or that the remainder of the estate is disposed of in an identical manner[i]. … Continued

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